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Many people have reported that wearing jewellery which incorporates the ashes of a loved one, or has their fingerprint on it, creates a sense of calm and peace following a bereavement. The possibilities and designs are almost endless but we have included a few ideas below. Our arrangers can handle all of the details if you would like to use this service and we will deliver the jewellery to you.

Memorial jewelry has become an increasingly popular way to memorialize and remember loved ones who have passed away. For those who are in mourning, it is a wonderful way to begin the healing process. It helps to know that a small piece of your loved one will always be close, both in spirit and physical form.

Ashes into Glass Jewellery is hand-crafted with meticulous care in our specialist workshops in Billericay, Essex. Your loved one’s cremation ashes, coloured glass crystals and clear molten glass are expertly layered together using traditional techniques to create a beautiful, lasting tribute to the one you hold dear.

The Memorial Paperweight is jewellery for your home and a daily reminder of your loved one. The design represents a spiritual embrace,
the ashes and coloured glass crystals entwined together in a display of mystery and harmony.

Your paperweight will be delicately engraved underneath with your own personal message. This could be a cherished phrase, a line from a
favourite song or a more traditional message such as your loved one’s name and dates of life.

Cremation diamonds are made with the cremated remains of your loved one. In the case of burial rather than cremation, diamonds can still be made from a lock of hair instead. These diamonds can be set in the jewellery of your choice.

If you wish to talk to one of our funeral arrangers about Memorial Jewellery or any other issue then please do not hesitate to call us on 01702 436000. Alternatively call in to our offices at 94 Bridgewater Drive in Westcliff and we will be happy to chat answer all your questions at leisure.