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Music is a standard part of most funeral services. This can be classical music, it can be a live performance by an individual or group if you so wish, or it may be contemporary or even somewhat eccentric depending on the character of the deceased. Music is traditionally played at one or more of five points during the service

Entrance :  This is the music played whilst the coffin is carried into the Chapel

Reflection: This is music played during the service giving family and friends time to think and reflect

Hymns:      Communal songs can be a nice addition. For more information please click HERE

Committal: Music is sometimes played during the committal of the deceased. The celebrant will often speak the                       committal whilst the music is playing

Exit:          Music that is played at the end of the service and whilst the guests leave. 

                    NOTE: Do not leave as soon as the exit music starts but wait for the Funeral Director to lead you out

With the exception of live music, which can be arranged by any good Funeral Director, all local crematoria have facilities for downloading a vast range of music for your service. Many use a site called Wesley Music, however Southend Crematorium uses Obitus Music. They have a huge range of music from classical to electro pop on their servers and they are usually able to provide music not listed on their database if requested. 

Whatever your music needs your funeral director will be able to check availability and advise you on whether certain music is available at your crematorium

If you wish to talk to one of our funeral arrangers about music for your service or any other issue then please do not hesitate to call us on 01702 436000. Alternatively call in to our offices at 94 Bridgewater Drive in Westcliff and we will be happy to chat answer all your questions at leisure.