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"Thank you so much for making Brian's funeral so special, he would have loved it.

I cannot thank you enough for all your care and compassion through a very difficult time."


Janet C (Sept 2016)

Traditional and Bespoke Funerals 

 Please see the table below for a concise guide to the services and pricing for our most popular funeral plans plus information on the most commonly requested additional services. Where you see a service underlined and with an asterisk (*) you can click for further information on that subject. If you have any questions or if you require a more detailed and personalised quote please contact us.


Our local crematorium in southend charges £740 for a traditional cremation service. Our other local crematoria are Basildon, Chelmsford and City of London.


Prices vary from location to location but most crematoria charge between £600 and £800. 

Our local crematorium has the South Chapel, which is perfect for smaller gatherings, and the West Chapel which is designed for larger services. Both are well furnished modern facilities with a traditional feel. Both are included in the price quoted above.

At our local cemetery in Southend fees will be applied for the purchase of a plot (£780 for residents and £1325 for non-residents) and the opening of the gravesite (£780 for residents and £1250 for non-residents). These Fees will change for different burial grounds.

We recommend Twilight memorials as a high quality monumental mason when arranging headstones and memorials.

Crematorium Fees

Purchase of grave

Doctors' Fees

Doctors' fees are a notional standard fee of £164 (£82 per doctor) charged each time a two- part doctors report needs to be submitted for a cremation. Doctors' fees apply to cremations but not to burials, and for cremations the fees are not applicable in the event that the coroner has performed an autopsy on the deceased.


Celebrant Fee

We work with a group of superb religious, non-religious and humanist celebrants. It is important to us that the person leading the service for your loved one makes time to come and see you personally to get to know you and the deceased, allowing them to give the send off that you want and they deserved.

If you would prefer that a family member or friend take the service then this charge will not be applied and we will work with them in order to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.


Southend cemetery grounds contains two chapels. The smaller of these is reserved for Church of England services and is well suited to small services, though lacking full modern facilities. For larger gatherings we advise using the West chapel in the crematorium, from where the Funeral Director will walk the cortege to the graveside, usually no more than a ten minute journey. (For woodland burials the use of the onsite chapel is included)


The reason we do not include the purchase price for the plot is that many families already own a plot and so only need to pay for the site to be re-opened. If you do not own a burial plot then we can arrange for this to be purchased for you for which Southend Cemetery charge £780.

Cemetery Chapels

£780 - why is this not included?