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Making a Will

Making a Will is just one more detail that needs to be addressed and it can be easy to overlook. Many people feel it is not important to write a will, that their estate will automatically go to their nearest and dearest...but this is not the case. Many people, especially women, are left 'intestate' which translates to 'being left in a mess' after the loss of their spouse.

To help with this we offer a full will writing service in partnership with Premier Wills, members of The Society of Will Writers who are very experienced and extremely helpful.

How can we help?
  • Find out why you should make a will

  • Discover the myths about Wills and the cost of making a Will

  • Receive professional and personally tailored services according to UK Law

  • Make a will from the comfort of your own home

  • Arrange lasting power of attorney

  • We offer fixed pricing - pay nothing now

  • Video Conferencing Facilities available

Reasons for making a will

The majority of adults have no valid Will. This leaves unneccessarily complicated problems for family and loved ones that are particularly difficult and distressing following a bereavement. If you are married only a portion of your estate will go to your spouse if you have no will. It is the law, not you, who will decide how the rest is distributed. No provision exists for unmarried partners, friends or charities or for same sex partners unless they are registered as civil partners. If you have no blood relatives your estate goes to the crown.

You can avoid all this, protect your family according to your wishes and decide for yourself exactly how your estate is to be distributed by making a simple and inexpensive will. 

Please contact us to discuss your will or call Premier Wills free on 0800 015 3251


You can click the link below to go directly to the Premier Wills Website. 

If you wish to talk to one of our funeral arrangers about writing your Will or Power of Attorney then please do not hesitate to call us on 01702 436000. Alternatively call in to our offices at 94 Bridgewater Drive in Westcliff and we will be happy to chat answer all your questions at leisure.